A new Minecraft Server Network.

WHAT IS is a new Minecraft Server Network, and need YOU in our Team.

The team at NoValley. net wants to be very open and close to the community, so here you get a lot of insights into the everyday life of the employees, the solution of various problems and the exciting development of various areas.


We are still at the beginning of the perfect Minecraft server network. But we need you already now! You could be the missing ingredient that complements us perfectly.
We not only lack builders for cool maps, but also creative minds with ideas and coding know-how to make our vision a reality.
We believe in making every helping hand count, whether you're just diving into the world of blocks or already have experience. Together we can build something great.
If you want to be there from the beginning, when ideas become reality and our network comes to life, then you've come to the right place.
Let's start this exciting journey together and make our server network shine!
Apply now, you can help:


You are the key to the success of the best Minecraft server network that has ever existed. Only you, as a player, know what makes a perfect server network and only you know what the other servers don't do well. We want to implement your problems and wishes in order to be better than all other servers. Help us revolutionize the Minecraft Server Scene. --- We know that the road to perfection is a team game in which you play a decisive role.
Your thoughts, imagination and perspective are invaluable, and we want to work with you to build a community that is not only fun, but also sets standards.
We want to hear from you what you think might not make other servers so great. What weaknesses have you noticed so far? What features are missing to improve your gaming experience? Your valuable feedback is our guide to excellence.
Every idea you bring in is important. Whether it's stunning new game modes, exciting weekly events, or seemingly small tweaks that could make the gaming experience smoother, we want to hear from you.
Working together, we can create a virtual world that captivates players of all ages and levels of experience. You are invited to be part of this epic adventure.
We want to encourage you to share your thoughts and drive us forward with your energy. Your ideas will be the fuel that catapults us into the future.
Are you ready to be part of this journey and share your best ideas with us? Then do not hesitate to raise your voice:


Currently the server is unfortunately not far enough to dare a beta start. Essential plugins are still missing and the current systems still have many bugs.
When the time comes, you'll know, we'll announce the BETA phase on Discord and all other social media sites.